We live in constant fear of robbers – OAU off-campus students

Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) United Nations agency live outside the field have same that they currently board concern of armed robbers following the killing of 1 Abiodun Babalola, a 300-level student of the college on Sunday. man Babalola suffered matchet cut at AN off-campus hostel named, ‘Adam and Eve’ set in Parakin, Ede Road, Ile-Ife, for allegedly refusing to surrender his iPhone to the robbers United Nations agency attacked residents of the hostel. several students of the establishment United Nations agency spoke to The Punch on the plight of off-campus residents same areas with massive student population usually expertise frequent attacks by robbers. theft attacks on students of the university became rampant once squatters were sent out of hostels among the field by the management of the establishment at the start of the 2017/2018 term. A student within the college of Engineering United Nations agency lives within the Mayfair space Tobi Olagunju same that time period agone, he lost personal belongings to some thieves United Nations agency accosted him whereas he was returning home around eight.30pm 100-level student within the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, Ojetola Olawale, United Nations agency conjointly lives outside the field same he had been robbed doubly since he resumed within the faculty. Another student within the college of Education, Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education, Ayodeji Dosumu, same several of his friends living outside the field had fallen victims to theft attacks. He additional that one in every of his friends had suffered 2 theft attacks within the last seven months, noting that such cases were currently regular in areas like Aserifa, Parakin and Mayfair. “We do our greatest to confirm that our students live and study during a secure surroundings. except for those living outside the field, it’s not possible for United States of America to produce security for them,” OAU voice Abiodun Olarewaju same.

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