Sebastian Hon: Charge against Justice Onnoghen attempt to gag judiciary

A constitutional professional and Senior Advocate of African country, Mr. Sebastian Hon, has represented the six-count criminal charge the central entered against the magistrate of African country, CJN, Justice music director Onnoghen, as a deliberate try to gag the judiciary. Hon, in a very statement on weekday, urged the CJN to not heed to what he termed as associate “unholy call” for him to step aside. He said: “While i do know that the magistrate of African country doesn’t relish immunity from legal action, I see this move by the central as hazardously political and partisan . “Suddenly, we tend to woke to work out a petition leaked to the informal or social media, allegedly received by the Code of Conduct on ninth Gregorian calendar month, 2019. “Suddenly, we tend to are told charges are filed against the CJN. Suddenly the Presidency is reportedly asking him to step aside! Was he interrogated or interviewed and his own reactions obtained? “Why this supersonic rush? These steps are additional political than honest. there’s a trial to destroy the Judiciary or gag it; and within the latter state of affairs, to hector it into submission. I in person say no to the present! “All Nigerians of excellent can should say no to this unmotivated assault on the Judiciary. once unsuccessful makes an attempt to reign within the National Assembly, the identical unholy attention is beamed on the Judiciary. “If this arm of state is destroyed, due process of law, constitutionalism and therefore the rule of law can pave thanks to arbitrary, slender and brute force, at the instance of 1 man or a pick few! I in person say no to the present. “Nothing stops the central from deferring, within the interest of national peace and cohesion, the filing of these charges until associate opportune time – since there’s no limitation of your time in criminal proceedings. Why now? “The Federal prosecutors also are responsive to living selections of the Court of attractiveness, to the impact that unless and till the NJC pronounces a Judicial Officer guilty, he can’t be arraigned in court. “Those authorities grasp full well that these selections of the Court of attractiveness haven’t been overruled; however they need determined to bruise the CJN, by speeding some charges to the judicature and leaky same to the press over the weekend. “I powerfully counsel the CJN to not heed the clearly unholy decision that he ought to step aside. there’s light-weight, i’m powerfully persuaded, at the top of the tunnel!”, he stated.

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