Higuain on his way to Chelsea – AC Milan coach, Gattuso

AC Milan coach, Gennaro Gattuso has hinted Gonzalo Higuain is effort for Chelsea this week. Gattuso created this better-known once Saturday’s Coppa European country win over Sampdoria. He said, “We have a awfully honest relationship, we are saying things to people’s faces. there’s nice honesty. once a player makes sure decisions, it becomes troublesome to persuade him otherwise. One will strive. “At this moment, he’s a Milan player and we’re holding on tight. I don’t understand what’s going to happen. we have a tendency to are honest with one another and that i need him to take care of this perspective, that has ne’er been lacking to this point.” Gattuso continued: “I’ve talked to him a good deal, however it’s laborious to provide recommendation, as a result of the career of a player solely lasts 13-14 years. It’s his mind, not mine. the foremost necessary issue is to speak as men, look one another within the eyes and speak the reality. “I haven’t worked out what Higuain is sad with, as a result of I see him look content and concerned within the room atmosphere. We’ll see what happens. If it absolutely was up to American state, I’d keep him at my house and feed him my dinner.”

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