PDP: Another term for President Buhari is invitation to totalitarianism

The Peoples party (PDP) on weekday warned Nigerians to not grant a second tenure to President Muhammadu Buhari as doing thus is an invite to totalitarianism. Addressing a group discussion in Abuja, Kola Ologbondiyan, Director, Media & packaging PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, aforementioned Nigerians should be able to defend the country against political theory. He said: “The PPCO urges all compatriots to notice that associate degreey vote for APC is an endorsement of political theory and permitting President Buhari another tenure are going to be a pathway to full totalitarianism, wherever voters would be treated as vassals in a very conquered territory. “Today, our freedom and private liberty as land are below threat. Our rights as constitutionally warranted as voters are on the brink of be utterly bumped off. Our last lines of defence as free people; our law-makers and our judiciary are below encirclement. “We are all witnesses to the unrelenting assault on the establishment of the judiciary and therefore the courts by the Buhari Presidency and therefore the APC. This encirclement on the Judiciary has currently return to a climax with the wide condemned try by the Buhari Presidency and therefore the APC to forcefully take away the judge of African nation, (CJN) Justice conductor Onnoghen. “In spite of widespread condemnation, President Buhari and therefore the APC have refused to indicate rue. If something, they need carried on as if Nigerians are already a conquered folks. “This ignoble act is with the read to switch Justice Onnoghen with a pliable CJN that may execute the plot to annex the court and use them to curtail freedom of expression and to silence opposition members yet as perceived opponents of the Buhari administration prior to the Gregorian calendar month election. “Such an effort at annexations is to subject judicial officers below the management of the professional person General to see and even write judgments on political and human rights cases and canopy atrocities of anti-democratic forces. “The world will recall however the Buhari Presidency, in a very wide condemned ‘sting operation’ in 2016, used the board of directors of State Services (DSS) to hound and collect sitting Supreme Court and supreme court judges in African nation. “Since that ‘sting operation’, our judiciary African nation has remained below encirclement with the agents of the Buhari Presidency and therefore the APC directly officious in cases and making an attempt to direct the rulings of courts. “Nigerians and {also the} world will recall also however agents of the Buhari Presidency and therefore the APC, last year, enclosed and tried to forcefully take away the electoral leadership of the National Assembly; the image of our democracy. “Nigerians will recall however the APC and therefore the Buhari Presidency used equipment of state powers to seal the legislative advanced, unleashed thugs to invade the Senate chamber, noncontinuous legislative proceedings and forcefully carted away the mace, the logo of the sovereignty and authority of the folks. “In our slide into political theory, Nigerians are daily falling victims of maximum torture, illicit detention, extra-judicial and impulsive killings, a forceful suppression on peaceful protesters and mass burial by unrestrained agents of the state, as careful within the 2017/2018 Amnesty International (AI) Human Rights Report. “In the identical vein, there are combined efforts by the govt. to gag the media resulting in the manhandling of journalists and invasion of media homes over reports thought-about unfavourable to the govt.. “Furthermore, Nigerians will recall however the Buhari Presidency tried to inject crisis into the electoral method with the delay within the presentation of the freelance National Electoral Commission (INEC) election budget and therefore the refusal by President Buhari to sign the amendments to the Electoral Act that eliminates openings for rigging. “This is additionally to the wide condemned foisting of Mrs Amina Zakari, President Buhari’s relation by wedding, as head of the collation of results of the Presidential poll yet as plot to use the Police as restrictive tool to intimidate voters and assist APC agents to unleash violence and manipulate the method, that President Buhari is dead set retentive the overtly partisan military officer of Police, Ibrahim Idris, even once his tenure had expired . “This administration has clad to be the foremost vicious within the history of our nation. Nigerians and therefore the world should, therefore, rise in condemnation of this dangerous drift towards, Hitler’s European country, Mussolini’s Italy, Idi Amin’s African nation, Charles Taylor’s African country and Than Shwe’s Union of Burma. “Perhaps, President Buhari has forgotten that African nation may be a democratic state, and wishes to be reminded that as land, we’ve chosen democracy as a kind of government with the non-public freedom, liberty and rule of law that it guarantees. Nigerians can ne’er settle for any reasonably Draconian rule and dictatorial tendencies.” The PDP aforementioned it had to create a clarion decision to Nigerians to undergird for the Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 2019, Presidential election because the solely thanks to defend and save the state from “the political theory being planned by the Muhammadu Buhari Presidency and therefore the All Progressives Congress (APC).” The campaign voice ascertained that Nigerians are already aware that the APC and therefore the Buhari Presidency don’t seem to be serious with campaigns prior to the Presidential elections. He stated: “They recognize that the APC and its candidate, President Buhari are seeking ways that to snarl the election in crisis, stalemate the electoral method and pave the means for rigging and realisation of plots to uphold President Buhari in workplace. “With the prevailing state of our polity; the egregious violation of our constitution, continuous attacks on establishments of democracy and principle of separation of powers, consistent abuse of human rights, erosion of private freedom, unsuppressed extra-judicial killings, illicit detention, attack on peaceful protesters, limitation on the media and vocal members of the Civil Society, yet because the unleashing of brutality on innocent voters, that have characterised the Buhari Presidency; it’s obviously clear that our nation is on a fast descent into political theory, that we have a tendency to should all resist with our votes.” the most opposition party, therefore, charged all African nationns; “all victims of injustice and brutality of the Buhari Presidency; all victims of the mindless killings inspired by the insensitiveness of the Buhari Presidency; all those impoverished by the corruption and incompetence of the Buhari administration and every one lovers of democracy in Nigeria to urge able to defend our nation and save her from political theory by balloting out President Buhari on Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 2019.” Ologbodiyan posited that the Gregorian calendar month Presidential election is, therefore, a vote for the nation’s freedom, adding: “We create a clarion turn Nigerians to pick out defence of our nation. we have a tendency to should pick out defence of our rights and lives as free citizens; we have a tendency to should pick out defence of rule of law and resistance of repressing forces and political bandits seeking to foist a fascist regime on our nation.”

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