2019 election: Stop messing up with Qur’an at political rallies

2019, election Stop, messing, with, Qur, political, rallies2019 election: Stop messing up with Qur’an at political rallies.
Islamic group, the Muslic Rights Concern, MURIC, has issued a warning to Nigeria’s prominent political parties to stop messing up with the divine book of Islam, the Qur’an.The warning was contained in a press release issued to DAILY POST on Thursday and signed by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola.According to the Islamic human rights outfit, a certain “prominent” political party in the country is fond of using the Qur’an in its political rallies without following laid down rules.MURIC described this as provocative and totally unacceptable.The statement added, “Our office has been inundated with a Tsunami of complaints about a prominent political party that has been abusing the use of the Qur’an in its political rallies.“Such an attitude exposes the political party as a body that is insensitive to the feelings of Muslims.“Exempli gratia, we are in possession of a video clip in which a notorious lawmaker cum comedian who is obviously a non-Muslim recited the Surat Al-Fatihah (chapter one of the Glorious Qur’an) wrongly in one of the party’s rallies about two weeks ago.“The question is why was a non-Muslim allowed to recite an Islamic prayer using verses of the Glorious Qur’an in a political rally? “We don’t want to be misunderstood.Anybody can pray but decorum must be applied when doing that in public.“It is most unwise for a non-Muslim to venture into praying in Arabic when he is not sure he can do it well.“A Muslim should offer the Muslim prayer and vice versa.Prayer is a serious spiritual exercise.It is communication between the creature and the Creator.It is not something you can trivialize.“But what we saw on that day was the transfer of the usual parliamentary theatricals that has been associated with the National Assembly in recent times.“In another trending video, a woman was seen struggling with the recitation of Surat Ash-Sharh (Qur’an chapter 94) at another rally of the same political party.She ended it all by mixing up the verses and wordings.“MURIC is not just raising false alarm or sounding unnecessarily demagogic.The fact is that the implications of reciting a verse or chapter of the Glorious Qur’an wrongly in an attempt to offer prayers are very serious.“An inexperienced reciter may end up raining curses instead of offering prayers due to errors of pronounciation, wording or incorrect reading of verses.“This can be terrible in a rally organized by a political party because instead of actually praying for the country and the political party, the person may end up inadvertently cursing the party and the country (may Allah forbid that).“That is why political parties need to have religious advisers among its officials.Such religious advisers must be made up of qualified Christian and Islamic clerics.“They are the ones who should be called upon to offer prayers in public programmes, not parliamentary rascals whose only value lies in their capacity to constitute public nuisance.“We like to place it on record for public awareness tha
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