SEC, NIPC collaborate to attract investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in its effort to draw in additional investors, thereby boosting the economy, has restated its commitment to partner the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC). Acting Director General of the SEC, Ms. Madonna Uduk explicit this in capital of Nigeria once she received the chief Secretary of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) Ms. Yewande Sidiku in capital of Nigeria. Uduk same that it’s in furtherance of its objectives of attracting additional investors to the capital market that the SEC is poised to revitalize the commodities exchange market among alternative initiatives. “There are opportunities within the commodities exchange and that we must proportion participation in this relevance attract investors. and that we would require the collaboration of the NIPC in this repute the direct investors you’re seeking to draw in. “Various opportunities pullulate with the capital marketplace for each people and government which is why we tend to are exploring avenues to draw in states to return to the market and lift funds for infrastructural comes. we tend to are happy to partner with you to form the market and also the country richer and higher,” Uduk same. browse Also:  SERAP: scrap security votes, immunity clause, others In her remarks, the NIPC secretary, Yewande Sidiku same the Commission is committed to making sure that the state has the desired business climate to draw in each foreign investors and Nigerians within the Diaspora. She same the Commission is visiting completely different states to explore investment opportunities and additionally viewing some investments that were started by states however are currently moribund and notice ways that to revitalize them. “There are several investment opportunities within the states and what we’ve done now could be to style a platform for identification such investment opportunities. a part of the strategy is to enlighten the state officers because it is very important that the states are prepared for the investors,” Sidiku explicit . She same the mandate of the Commission is to encourage investors to return which is why incentives are being place in situ to form it easier for them to return. “The work that we tend to do is connected to the work of the SEC, we tend to encourage investors to return whereas the SEC is here to guard the investors which is why we want to collaborate. we tend to are happy to figure with the SEC to any grow our economy.”

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